Scouting in Meltham

Over 100 years of Scouting heritage

For over 100 years, 5th Holme Valley (Meltham) have been providing Scouting to the young people in and around the Meltham.

“Blackpool Bridge”, Digley

Meltham Cub Scout pack on ‘Blackpool Bridge’ near Digley Reservoir in the Peak District during the late 1970s

©Richard Harvey

Busy clearing away rubbish from around their headquarters in Huddersfield Road, Meltham, are these cubs from 5th Holme Valley (Meltham) Scout Group. Some 30 cubs got together to clear the area of rubble and other debris – left when an extension was built for the headquarters. In a fortnight they will be planting shrubs and plants which they hope people will give. 26th April 1986.

©Huddersfield Examiner

Clearing the HQ

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